Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office dispatchers are now certified to perform "Telephone CPR" if a caller has an emergency requiring the measure, but doesn't know how to perform the life-saving procedure.

CPR is defined by the American Heart Association as an emergency life-saving procedure performed when the heart stops beating.

Immediate CPR can double or triple one's chance of survival after cardiac arrest.

Dispatchers are the first true first responders in cases where, with the help of a caller, they can verify that a patient is experiencing cardiac arrest.

As medical resources are notified, the caller can be instructed to perform CPR in accordance with the protocols dispatchers have learned in their training.

TPSO Chief Deputy Col. Terry Daigre said the "Telephone CPR" is invaluable and can save lives.

“This is a measure that we hope our dispatchers will not ever have to use,” said Col. Daigre. “But for the rare case where this may be necessary, they are trained and ready.”

Sgt. Debbie Maisog said she and her co-workers wear many hats in their jobs, adding that they can properly assist anyone in performing CPR, should the situation arise.

“In the radio room we are called on to do many things,” said Sgt. Maisog, TPSO’s dispatch supervisor. “With this training, if a need comes up, we can now all be confident that we can deliver the level of assistance required in this type of emergency.”

For more information about T-CPR and CPR in general, visit the American Heart Association at

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