TPSO: Numerous looting arrests made

Terrebonne re-entry allowed; VERY limited resources
September 1, 2021
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September 1, 2021

Numerous looters have been arrested in Terrebonne Parish, and all looters have received $1 million bonds, officials say.    ​———————————————————————————————
From the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff Tim Soignet advised that the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office is working tirelessly to help the residents of Terrebonne Parish.  There have been little communications since cell service has been down and only recently being restored.  Sheriff Tim Soignet advised that the Louisiana Sheriffs Association Task Force has been activated and within the past couple days, Law Enforcement from across the state as well as many other states have arrived in Houma, LA to assist with patrols and recovery efforts.  

Sheriff Soignet advised that since Hurricane IDA has devastated our Parish, some residents have begun Looting businesses.  The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office have made numerous arrests for Looting and ALL LOOTERS HAVE RECEIVED $1 MILLION BONDS.  Since we were forced to shut down the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex due to lack of power and water, Sheriff Soignet has entered into an agreement to transport all arrestees at the St. Mary Parish Jail.  Sheriff Soignet states that Anyone caught looting will be arrested.  No Sheriffs Office Employee will issue a Misdemeanor Summons for Looting. I have arranged to have these immoral people booked and housed in another Parish.  With the help of our Judges, these criminals will have a hard time making these Bonds.  

Sheriff Soignet advised that Deputies are doing their best to help the residents of this Parish by patrolling for looters, clearing roadways and will be distributing water and supplies to the bayou communities utilizing the large 5 ton trucks.   Sheriff Soignet asks that residents understand that many of our deputies have lost everything they own, however are still working round the clock to help the citizens.  The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office understands that this a difficult time for all of the residents and we are here for you.  

Sheriff Soignet advised that residents who have evacuated are welcome to return.  No residents will be turned away at the Parish line as they have in past storms.  You can return to start working on your homes and businesses, however, be mindful that there is no electricity, and most areas have no running water.  If you return, you need to bring enough medications, food, and water to last for an extended period of time.  Anyone returning to Terrebonne Parish must be self-sufficient for an extended period of time as services are limited.   A lot of debris has been removed from the roadways, however there are still some areas that are dangerous to drive.  There is a very limited supply of fuel for vehicles and generators.  

Sheriff Soignet asked that during this trying time, the residents of Terrebonne Parish show the rest of the world why we are the best community.  Sheriff Soignet asks that the residents help their neighbors as we are known for.  Sheriff Soignet wants it known that anyone coming to this community to loot and steal, you will be dealt with.  Residents should be mindful that if you choose to drive around, especially at night, you will be pulled over to determine if you are from Terrebonne Parish. The law Enforcement Officers do not know every resident.  These deputies and officers are doing their best to protect you and your property and your assistance is needed in these trying times.  

Sheriff Soignet advised that while communications are difficult at best, deputies are patrolling all areas of the Parish, if you need assistance and do not have phone service, stop one of our deputies and they will be happy to help in anyway they can.    

Sheriff Soignet states that this is a tough time, and we will get through it together.  With a little understanding and compassion for our neighbors, we will be fine.