There is officially a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico. 

In the National Hurricane Center's latest advisory, storm hunters were able to find a clear, defined circulation in the central Gulf with winds exceeding tropical storm force around the center, the qualifications to make a tropical storm.

Nestor is located at 26.3 N and 89.5 W. Its center is almost directly below the mouth of the Mississippi River. 

The storm is racing. It's moving northeast at 22 mph. 

Local impacts for the storm will be minimal. Throughout today, expect overcast skies and blustery conditions with the occasional shower possible. Throughout the day, there also may be a light mist in the atmosphere as moisture from Nestor approaches the shore.

By tomorrow, Nestor will be long gone - off to the Florida panhandle for landfall.

Saturday and Sunday should be mostly clear days with warmer temperatures. 

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