HLB SO deputy

A performance of a student and a Terrebonne Parish deputy at his assigned school hit 100,000 views since being posted

Persistence paid off as H.L. Bourgeois junior Ennocence Williams, knowing Sgt. Blake Guidry played piano, asked him a few times to accompany her for a performance. The song was "The Greatest Love of All." 

Sgt. Guidry played the song while Williams sang.

Sgt. Guidry said he didn’t intend for the video to go viral, adding that he didn’t even know that there would be video of the performance at all. He said he was doing a good deed to help a caring young student out. 

"I never was seeking any publicity," Sgt. Guidry said. "Ms. Williams had been asking me to get up and play some music and I said, ‘Sure, let's make this happen.' The next thing you know, the video a student took was being shared all over.”

Having broken the ice, students weren't letting Guidry get away with just one song. 

Other members of the HLB Choir called for an encore. They asked the Sgt. to play a song they were working on: "A Million Dreams," from the musical drama film, "The Greatest Showman." There is footage of the performance, which can be found at HoumaTimes.com.

The TPSO Chief Criminal Deputy Col. Terry Daigre said Guidry's willingness to perform, and the accompanying video, was moving.

"School resource officers must reach out to students and this is certainly a positive means of communication," said Col. Daigre.

Philip Martin, Terrebonne Parish Schools Superintendent, concurred and expressed pride in the students' activities.

"It shows how SRO's form positive relationships with our students...," Superintendent Martin said. “This is proof that music is indeed the universal language."

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