Weather experts say to keep an eye on the Gulf this weekend

A tropical wave in the Caribbean could develop in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

The National Hurricane Center has identified a wave just north of the Dominican Republic, moving quickly to the west-northwest.

The wave is not likely to develop in the next 48-72 hours, as there is strong shear in the Caribbean and because Hurricane Dorian sucked some of the energy out of the waters in that area.

But the wave is expected to cross over Florida and enter the Gulf this weekend, and conditions may become more favorable for development.

The NHC gives the system a 30 percent chance to develop in the next 5 days. The storm is expected to enter the Gulf early this weekend and landfall would come toward the late-weekend or early next week.

Regardless of tropical development, meteorologists say the storm should be a rain maker with the weekend looking damp – welcome relief after a couple weeks of brutal heat.