Weekly nursing home report shows small increase in cases, deaths in local homes

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May 25, 2020
Annie LeBoeuf
May 25, 2020

Last week, LDH released their first report on nursing homes in Louisiana, sharing the total resident census at facilities, total COVID-19 cases among residents, total deaths among residents and total number of COVID-19 cases among staff.


The Department is working with each individual facility to increase testing of residents with and without symptoms; to minimize infection; and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The below chart shows numbers for last week compared to today. Increases are showcased in bold boxes.



Audubon Health and Rehab reported two new deaths. Chateau Terrebonne reported nine new cases among residents, one new deaths, and four new cases among staff. Lafourche Home for the Aged reported one new death. Maison De Ville in Houma reported two new cases among residents and two among staff. The Oaks of Houma reported one new case among residents and one new case among staff.


The Total Case Counts are cumulative counts and include all cases reported since the beginning of the outbreak, including those who have recovered, died or have been moved out of the facility. Total cases should not be compared to the current census to determine percent infected, as the census counts for many facilities have decreased over time. Some nursing homes are actively accepting COVID+ patients from other facilities; case counts for these nursing homes may include individuals diagnosed at another facility.


Other adult residential facilities

In addition, the Department is sharing aggregate totals for other adult residential facilities, which are not certified and not required to report on a federal level. This information will be shared on Mondays through a Department news release. Today, the Department is reporting a total of 607 COVID-19 cases among residents of other adult residential facilities and 91 deaths. 108 facilities are reporting at least one COVID-19 case.