Another dubious distinction for La.

It’s no secret to anyone who has ever navigated Louisiana’s roadways, but now the word is out nationally: We’re No. 1!

The top billing, it turns out, is nothing to cheer about. According to, Bayou State drivers are the worst in the United States.

Blame it on our failure to obey – or flat out ignorance of – traffic signals, excessive speeding tickets and careless driving.

Now, if you are asking yourself what the top 10 looks like, here you go:

2. South Carolina

3. Mississippi

4. Texas

5. Alabama

6. Florida

7. North Carolina

8. Missouri

9. Montana

10. North Dakota

With Christmas time close by, we are arguably at our worst.

Take a stroll down Martin Luther King Boulevard on any given day around noon in the middle of December.

You’ll see exactly what we mean.

A chorus of honking horns fills the air as drivers angrily cruise through the open road. Christmas gifts are plentiful on the shelves of every local store. But if we studied only the drivers and their reactions, one would swear that only a lone gift remains for the taking in all of Houma.

Everyone is in a rush, but no one is willing to communicate with one another – which bogs down the entire process for everyone.

Right turns can easily be made. But a left turn? Good luck with that one. One may be waiting until about 2 p.m. on New Year’s Day before that opportunity presents itself feasibly.

And if it starts to rain?

Sheer chaos. A bad situation immediately becomes much, much worse.

The speed limit drops at least 15-20 mph – if not more. Those most agitated grow impatient and grind their gears through the automobiles, speeding along hastily, ducking into and out of whatever is the most convenient lane.

Ah yes, we’re No. 1. And unlike most other rankings, we don’t think this list is flawed, nor biased.

They hit a home run with this one. Anyone who’s ever hit the road knows it and can admit it, too.

Be safe out there, Tri-parish drivers. The roads locally aren’t a safe place.

Ah, superiority and a first-place finish – what an honor.

Finally, a ranking system that Louisiana can beat Alabama in.

College football surely hasn’t worked out in recent years.