Can we use this as a time to unite together?

The world is a politically divided place right now.

Republicans and Democrats in political offices fight one another tooth and nail for every, single last piece of political power available.

It seems like today, they agree to disagree on just about every, single major issue from abortion to medical insurance all the way down the list to taxes, gun rights and everything else.

The issues have caused a split. And that split has halted progress at the highest levels of government.

A recent poll indicated that more than 70 percent of Americans don’t like the direction the country is headed. In the same poll, Americans concluded that they blame Congress as a whole more for the country’s failures than the President or any other individual political figure.

Now, the issues of red and blue will go on long past the shelf life of this column, and any call for complete political unity over the long haul just isn’t feasible, so we will steer clear from such a fairy tale.

But, we believe that this is a special time in our country right now and a lot of American people are hurting and are in serious need of comfort and relief.

It is our sincerest wish that all Americans – including locals – put aside some of their issues and try and rally together for those who are hurting, for there are quite a bit of them right now around America and its territories.

Right now, Puerto Rico is in shambles.

After being battered by multiple hurricanes in the 2017 hurricane season, the island is mostly without power, which is obviously causing great discomfort to the people there.

But homes are severely damaged, areas are flooded and basic supplies like food, clothing and toiletries are currently at a premium.

There has been a political back and forth on social media between President Donald Trump and public figures regarding the storm response and/or whether or not it was adequate.

People on Puerto Rico have expressed both satisfaction and also disappointment with the efforts, which are made difficult because of how far away the tropical island is from the mainland and also by just how badly its infrastructure was damaged in the storms.

We are not here to feed the political grandstanding going on from all sides. We are just here to offer thoughts, prayers, positive vibes and support.

We understand that it’s a tough economic time right now locally and there are a lot of people who are having their own issues.

But if able to, please find a way to help give relief to our fellow brothers and sisters in need.

Every dollar counts and there are multiple charitable groups available online who are offering help.

They are separated from us by lots of water, but the people of Puerto Rico are Americans, and they deserve the love, support and respect of the mainland American people as they try and tackle this monster and start putting together all of the pieces again.

Of course, we wish that Puerto Rico would be the only place where added support were needed currently, but it’s not.

Relief efforts are still, of course, ongoing in Texas and Florida, as well, as it will take months for everything to get back to normal in those states.

Steering away from natural disasters, the United States also had to endure a social disaster on Sunday night/Monday morning which requires attention, as well.

A gunman outside of a Las Vegas hotel room balcony fired hundreds of shots into a crowd listening to music in the city, killing at least 50 people at press-time and injuring hundreds.

Statistically, it will go down as the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States of America.

Immediately after the shooting, the sharks found the blood in the water and formed a school.

Some were calling for gun control. Others said such a measure would be too drastic.

Let’s let those decisions be made in the future.

At present, let’s vow to rally together toward peace.

We, at The Times and Rushing Media, are thinking of Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and all of the other places around the country that are in need.

We know about flooding. We’ve dealt with it before – many times.

We also know about mass shootings and tragedy through the theater shooting at Lafayette and the brutal killings of police officers in Baton Rouge after Alton Sterling was shot and killed just days before.

In those times, others stepped in and helped pick us back off the mat.

Now, it’s our turn to do the same.

So give what you can – even if it’s just a positive thought or a prayer.

Every little bit helps for our fellow Americans. •