Lame ducks create latest disasters

As establishment politicians from both political parties use fear tactics to scare the electorate about what may happen after the November elections, I am again reminded of Washington insiders’ cynicism and their total disregard for the will of the American People.

Career politicians from both parties are desperately clamoring for yet another lame duck session – bipartisan disasters that have forged gas tax hikes, Congressional pay raises, and trillions in wasteful government spending.

At a time when Congressional approval ratings are a mere 13 percent, the last thing we should be doing is planning sessions of Congress filled with members the American people have just voted out.

In a post-election session, these defeated politicians can do as they please – with zero accountability to We the People and a helping hand from a failed Administration. The only purpose of a lame duck Congress is to disregard the results of the most recent election and advance the special interests in Washington.

Giving Barak Obama and Harry Reid the keys to our car is irresponsible, and any deal they negotiate with Republican leadership will surely be at the expense of the American people.

Even John Boehner admitted last week that a lame duck deal would be the wrong thing for the country.

Can you imagine what kind of deal Obama and Reid would advocate if neither is returning to power? The Super Failed, Super Committee Washington Debt Ceiling Deal of last August might look like a bargain in comparison. And with many politicians never having to answer to the voters again – their desire to raise the debt ceiling another time, pass international treaties, or restrict our 2nd Amendment rights would be even more tempting.

I don’t prescribe to Washington’s exploitation of self-inflicted wounds. Rather, I believe in the American people and that their passion for liberty will prevail in November. I believe Americans want a more certain future, not another short-term Washington deal. We can simplify the tax code, grow the economy and reduce the national debt with fresh blood that care more about our futures than their careers.