LETTER: Few resources just as costly to taxpayers than original crime

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March 19, 2013
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March 19, 2013

Dear Editor,

Sometime between the afternoon of March 10th and March 15th our camps storage was broken into and Shimano Calcuttas and Craftsman tools were taken. The general mentality and reaction thus far has been “Do You Have Insurance”?

What is the message our society has settled upon I now ask? Theft is ok as long as you steal from someone with insurance and they can likely afford replacements if they can afford insurance. Go ahead and steal what you want because we really aren’t going to look for you if the victims have insurance. Since we aren’t going to look for you never be concerned about consequence because insurance is available.

When will we make firmer mandatory penalties for thieves and potentially have an opportunity for lower insurance rates surrounding burglaries and fraud? Are we as hard working citizens agreeing and accepting to endure the consequence of a thief based on limited resource of law enforcement?

I encourage all victims of theft to contact your local government and lobby for stronger penalties and more financial resource for the investigations of theft and potential mandatory penalties for the perpetrator.

We as a middle class family will continue to investigate this theft at a citizen level and hope for a break so that charges can be filed however far fetched our chances may be. When your neighbors have the same type of items just lying around easily accessible and your locks are cut and same items stolen it’s just tough to accept.

All we can do now is wait for a break in the search, go to work like we as citizens do and PAY OUR INSURANCE RATES!!

Craig McCoy,

Raceland, La.