Letter: Obamacare: Poster child for bad policy, Boustany says

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July 16, 2013
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July 16, 2013

Dear Editor,

One of my fundamental beliefs serving South Louisiana in Congress is good policy makes for good politics. Good policy is the repeal of Obamacare and I am pleased to be recognized as a leader in the effort to repeal the ill-conceived law. Recent developments provide me the opportunity to relay some good news to you in this effort.

Obamacare is bad policy and I have voted against it at every opportunity. A recent NBC-Wall Street Journal poll shows more Americans than ever before are opposed to the health care law. It is a plan that will increase health premium costs for American families and explode the budget.

Last week, a bill I authored was highlighted when the Obama Administration announced the delay of a key provision, the employer mandate. Earlier this year, I proposed legislation to repeal the employer mandate. I will not relent in my opposition to the law and look forward to continue fighting and getting results at stopping Obamacare.

The law imperils patient access to care and irresponsibly relied on Medicaid, a fiscally unstable program badly in need of 21st century improvements. True health care reform expands access to care, strengthens the doctor-patient relationship and controls costs through free market principles.

I will continue providing a strong, conservative record opposing Obamacare. Whether it is exposing awful policies, including the job-killing employer mandate, or working to protect taxpayers from the Internal Revenue Service, I will focus on delivering measurable results for South Louisiana.

Congressman Charles Boustany Jr., M.D.,