New Jersey was nice, but there’s no place like home

For months, everyone sat on pins and needles out of fear that snowstorms, blizzards and ice-covered fields would ruin the NFL’s grand weekend.

But the danger never held true.

The New York Super Bowl came and went without a hitch. It wasn’t even the coldest (or second coldest) Super Bowl in history.

The weather was actually gorgeous – about 15 degrees warmer than expected. The halftime show was quite impressive, too. That Bruno Mars kid is an extremely talented young musician. His tunes brought flare to the entire affair.

The commercials were a bit bland, but there were a couple of winners in the pile. How can one go wrong showing puppies before a nationally televised audience? It’s pure gold.

Indeed, the entire weekend was a sight to see. The Denver Broncos really should have made the trip to add some drama to the party. Without their presence, the Seattle Seahawks waltzed to victory in the Big Apple’s first-ever big game.

But even with a smooth and steady experience, this weekend’s Super Bowl wasn’t a New Orleans-level kind of party.

We remain the world’s king at giving people a great time.

Louisiana has many flaws, but our ability to throw a party for the masses to enjoy is one of the greatest things about this state.

A who’s who of sporting events have chosen to roll through the Big Easy in history, a list including the Super Bowl, the BCS National Championship Game, the Final Four, the NBA All-Star Game and others we’re likely forgetting.

Anyone can entice business leaders to bring the game to your city once. But you know that you’re doing a great job when the decision is made to come back a second, third and fourth time.

New Orleans has done that – a regular host for all of the biggest games in the sporting world.

And the reason for that is because of the experience.

There’s nothing like the New Orleans experience.

From food to booze to voodoo to everything in between, players, coaches and fans always come to Louisiana and leave the state happy with how everything played out.

So congratulations to New York/New Jersey for a successful week hosting the Super Bowl.

But when it comes to Super Bowl royalty, our crowned city remains king.