Opinion: An Incredible “Bonanza”

State cases rise to 25,258; Lafourche reports 2 new deaths
April 22, 2020
LDH now breaking out confirmed and probable COVID-19 deaths on dashboard
April 22, 2020

The vicious Washington Dems and the nauseating Dem controlled media must think it is Christmas morning. They are collectively gloating over all of the opportunities to show Americans just how much they truly “care”.

For starters, President Trump, in his daily COVID-19 briefings,  presents them with a daily opportunity to bash him, criticize him, and disrespect him. It matters not what he says or does – the attacks take place.

Then there is the issue of Pelosi being in a position to “load up” the desperately needed government stimulus programs and prevent those funds from being sent out to Americans who are holding on for dear life. Pelosi and the House will only approve these stimulus bills if they can stack them with their sick demands – these demands do not do one thing to help American families during these increasingly difficult financial times.

The unemployment numbers are staggering, much to the glee of the Washington Dems. After all, they can blame the unemployment numbers on Trump as well.

Earlier this week, the price of crude oil went into negative territory. These historical numbers are devastating for the energy sector; an industry that the Dems loathe. The mentally twisted AOC tweeted that she was happy over the possible collapse of the oil industry, as this gives a shot in the arm to her hopelessly impossible Green New Deal. She actually stated that she “loved it” – how callous.  It means nothing to her if countless Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, are employed in the energy sector. As with most hypocritical cowards, she took her tweet down after it was met with severe criticism. Fortunately, it was screen shot before she took it down. It is there for everyone to see.

The latest move by President Trump regarding temporarily suspending immigration has given the whining Dems more fodder in their never ending attack on the President. Even in these dire times, the Dems are looking out for immigrants more than they are for American citizens. This is almost beyond comprehension.

Finally, there is that nauseating Pelosi interview in which she brags about her expensive freezer full of gourmet ice cream. There are countless American families who are depending on local food banks to put food on the table, and this “narcissist in chief” brags about her expensive frozen goodies that make her happy. Even if you are a Democrat supporter, how can you justify her absurd behavior?

The experts originally predicted between 1.2 million and 2 million Americans could die from COVID-19. Thankfully, only a sliver of that number appears to be reality. As the President discusses the need for America to open up again, albeit safely, the sword rattling Dems are opposing it. I took several economics courses on my way to earning a business degree. I do not remember reading anything which stated that a country could just keep printing money and hand it out indefinitely, and that would be a substitute for a normally functioning economy. That method is simply not sustainable. Millions of Americans will suffer economic death if they cannot go back to receiving an actual paycheck.

In the end, as previously stated, President Trump is far from perfect. However, he, more than recent Presidents, truly loves this country. He cares deeply about working class Americans – a segment of Americans which are looked down upon by the Washington Dems. One thing is certain; regardless of what decisions President Trump reaches, the Washington Dems will oppose it. What a pathetic group of public servants.

Tony Bianca
Houma, LA