OUR VIEW: Big game is over, but big party rolls on

New Orleans is the uncle who gets inebriated at family gatherings and loudly repeats stories long after everyone quit listening.

It’s the reckless party animal brother who squandered his college education fund, leaving days before graduation and now jumping about aimlessly with a devil-may-care attitude.

The Big Easy is, sadly, sometimes a family circus.

But she’s our family. And, as such, we can talk about her but visitors, well, if you’ve nothing nice to say, take your bags and go home.

As for us, we’ve come to appreciate what’s under the big tent.

New Orleans – and the entire metro area – rolled out the red carpet in anticipation of Sunday’s Super Bowl extravaganza. No expense was spared. Football legends, musical icons and Mardi Gras magic made for a memorable party.

So great was the affair, that an electrical blip – idle time that arguably helped the San Francisco 49er’s regroup and make the game a memorable one versus another blowout – should be just that in football’s lexicon.

New Orleans threw a fantastic week-long party and, about that, we should all be proud.

And for visitors who are staying in town to partake of the Mardi Gras festivities through Fat Tuesday, there’s plenty more fun on tap.

This season is an economic boon for the metropolitan New Orleans region. It’s a chance for us to polish our parade routes, put on our best purple and gold garb and toss out a bit of that southern Louisiana charm we’re so well known for.

We know Louisiana has tough issues to deal with. We know Mardi Gras season will be followed by a tough political season as the state Legislature reconvenes to tackle said problems. And we know as certain as King Cake babies and beads are in abundance this time of year, New Orleans is the main attraction in our neck of the woods.

We’re all known for passing a good time – whether it’s on the Northshore, the West Bank or down here in the Tri-parishes. The Ravens may have taken home Sunday’s big trophy, but we’re the big winners. Us and our rowdy uncle New Orleans.

Down here, the party … and the power … are always electric.