OUR VIEW: Easter’s a celebration of life’s blessings

It sure seems like time has been flying by since the year’s last Mardi Gras parade glided through the streets and the Lenten season began.

But while time may have sped through in a bit of a blur, Holy Week is upon us – a week that is culminated with Easter Sunday.

Easter is a time within the calendar year that should be about celebration.

If religious and of Christian beliefs, it is a period of rejoicing in commemoration of the day that Jesus was resurrected after being crucified on the cross.

It’s a day of celebrating Jesus after mourning his death two days before on Good Friday – a time that many of our citizens fast or avoid eating meat out of sacrifice to the day.

Easter Sunday, according to Christian belief, marks Jesus as the Son of God – the messiah who came to earth and died so that our sins may be forgiven.

Because of those circumstances, thousands of Tri-parish natives and Christians across the world will head outdoors to enjoy barbecues and other outings with friends and family.

These family outings are priceless, as they often occur far too infrequently from household to household as citizens spend most of their time working as an employee or as a parent.

If not religious, nor of Christian beliefs, the time is still one commonly rejoiced, as parties and gatherings are going to be held by the dozens within the area.

But no matter one’s belief, the most important message we can offer to our readers during the holiday season is self-betterment and personal improvement.

The Lenten season is a stretch of time where many attempt to enhance their lives by “giving up” something as a sacrifice to God.

But now that the season is over, we challenge those at home to continue to live better throughout the entire year.

If your Lenten wish was to be more patient, then attempt to do the same full-time. If the goal was to avoid foul language, keep going.

We’re not here to push a religion or a belief onto anyone – whether a person is or isn’t Christian is of no concern.

But a community where everyone is focused on improvement is a community that we’d all like to see.