OUR VIEW: Football season is unrivaled

Light up the barbecue pit, call a few friends, find a large-screen TV, grab a comfortable seat and enjoy: the New Orleans Saints are getting ready to kick off their 2014-15 NFL season.

There’s nothing like football season in the South. It’s a time of the year that is unrivaled because of its sheer importance to everything that we do.

Literally everyone is impacted by the sport in some form or fashion, even if a person never makes the decision to watch a game.

How many of us have coworkers who may schedule a vacation day to take a trip out of town to watch a Saints or LSU game?

I think we can find a few people of that kind in nearly every office in our area.

Likewise, the season is an economic boost to our local businesses and restaurants as we cram into grocery stores and buy meats and refreshments for our big-time gameday barbecue extravaganza. If not hosting an event at our residence, we may join the hundreds of others who watch at local eateries, who are all filled with big-screen TVs so that they can be ready to have the action live and in stereo when the game gets under way.

How about socially? I think almost all sports fans can think of a friend or two that they’ve met through the world of sports. In our office building alone, we have a pair of reporters, Casey Gisclair and Richard Fischer, who first met while playing youth sports together.

Once learning that they had common interests, they started a friendship that has now been going on for 18 years and counting.

One of our other in-house staff reporters, Michael Hotard, hasn’t known Richard and Casey for a long stretch of time, but upon being hired at our office, we learned that the group all had a common circle of friends.

What was the common denominator in all of them meeting? Sports.

So whether you’re a Who Dat, an LSU Tiger or even someone who likes to shout Roll Tide for fun, we salute and rejoice the fact that football season is here.

It’s an economic steroid shot, a way to make friends and probably the most fun time of the year because of all the parties and everything that will be held throughout the area.

Hooray football.

Welcome back.

You’ve been sorely missed.