OUR VIEW: For change to occur, voters need to turn out

The ballots have been formed. We now know exactly who will be running for office in the upcoming fall elections, which will name elected officials throughout a slew of local and state positions.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will hear all of the speeches from everyone involved. We will be told all of the promises and we’ll hear everything there is to know about everyone on the ballot – both good and bad alike. We, as voters, will be bombarded with all of the jargon and the hoorah. And quite frankly, after hearing the mudslinging and absorbing some of the facts, we will likely get annoyed with the process and antsy for the election to come.

But no matter how much political fatigue you feel in your nerves throughout the coming weeks, our message remains the same: Go and vote!

One way or another – go and vote!

The United States is a democratic nation. Everyone reading this is well aware of that fact. But because we’re a democratic nation, it means we urge our citizens to take responsibility for the betterment of our community to keep things progressing into the future.

One way that we, as citizens, can do that is by hitting the ballot boxes and re-electing the officials who are doing a quality job and putting new names in office to replace though who are not fitting the bill in whatever job that they hold.

We, at the Tri-Parish Times have no way of knowing the outcome of the future elections. To know that would require psychic powers that we were never taught in our journalism programs at the various colleges and universities that we’ve attended.

But we do know that the only way that our community’s voice can accurately be represented in the democratic process is if all of the individuals within said community take the time to let their voice be heard.

Don’t assume that the outcome has already been decided. Often times, the election swings based on voter turnout.

Don’t assume that your neighbors and friends will all vote for the person you want, which will power he/she to office.

Don’t assume that your one voice doesn’t get heard in a crowded sea of thousands in our community.

It does get heard and it does matter.

It most certainly will not be heard if you’re not at the ballot to vote.

We all talk about change and the desire for things to be better.

So why don’t we be the change that we want to see and go out and vote?

The names are out and are on the ballot box. It’s up to us to take control and decide who is best to lead our future.