Our View: Shooting a reminder of troubling reality

Last Friday, 12 people were sentenced to death and 58 more were glittered with gunfire in the small city of Aurora, Colo., which boasts a population of just more than 300,000.

Their crimes? What crimes?

These victims committed no faux pas. They did nothing wrong.

All these innocent people wanted to do was catch the hottest new flick with their friends and family.

Who was their judge, jury and, in 12 cases, executioner?

An orange-haired, 24-year-old coward who labeled himself to police as “The Joker,” but was later identified as James E. Holmes.

Like most other business entities across the country, the horrific and tragic circumstances of the Aurora theater shooting are on the minds of our staff this week.

Firstly, we would like to express our sincerest condolences to the victims and their families in their times of heartbreak.

Vivid television images of Holmes walking into the courtroom for the first time Monday gave us goosebumps.

His lack of interest in the proceedings forced us to collectively grit our teeth.

Seeing him almost nod off in total disinterest was a source of anger.

We can only imagine how the people of Colorado must feel.

We believe in the judicial process playing its rightful course.

But if found guilty, we support justice of any legal form to make sure that Holmes is treated like “The Joker” he seems to be – and is rightfully sentenced for his alleged misdeeds.

The people of Aurora are all in our thoughts and prayers in their time of need.

Second, we would like to thank local law enforcement for the work that they do.

Sure, the happenings in Aurora could happen anywhere in the country.

No one is trying to say that the Tri-parish area is immune to tragedy.

But because of the daily sacrifices of our local law enforcement and countless emergency responders, we all can walk the streets without fear, knowing that brave men and women are sacrificing their own health and safety to ensure that we can safely watch movies with our friends at local theaters.

The week’s tragedies in Colorado are a sharp reminder of the harsh world that we face daily. We’re reminded, too, to count each day as a gift.

That is a true blessing.