Our View: What are you thankful for this holiday?

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November 20, 2012
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November 20, 2012

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. Many people will spend it among the friendly confines of familiar faces. Some folks will be working in hospitals, with police or fire departments, in media outlets and even at retail centers. Others will fill soup kitchens as either servers or recipients. Then there will be those that scoff and question if observing the day is even worth it.

In contemporary society it is easy to trivialize any holiday. The common answer of what to be thankful for typically includes family and friends. While we wish the sentiment would be true for everyone, the unfortunate truth remains that in abusive situations or broken relationships “family and friends” are simply three empty words.

Permit us to take stock regarding a few significant items often taken for granted. Challenging as they may sound to some people, among individuals living in those circumstances each offers an element for which to be appreciative.

One reason to be thankful is the dog when you arrive home at the end of a day. No matter how poorly things went during an eight, 10 or 12 hour shift, this is one creature that is always happy to see you.

For those that have spent any significant time unemployed, having a job is a reason to rejoice, as is an ability to pay the bills and buy groceries.

Having groceries during an era when compensation from a job seldom covers the cost of living.

Being specifically told your efforts are appreciated, because that is a motivator to excel.

Uncomfortable shoes when one realizes the challenges of a person who has lost his legs.

Classroom lectures and examinations, because education and knowledge are the singular things no individual or government can ever take away from you.

Waking from a nightmare and realizing you are safe at home lying next to the one you love. Grandchildren because they offer an opportunity to compensate for the times you failed as a parent.

Faith, because when the phrase, “At least you have your health,” no longer applies, it gives you the only thing that offers fulfillment. For those that do have their health, faith offers an understanding and peace the physical and psychological parts of our existence simply cannot supply.

Thanksgiving Day because of family, friends, football, food and if we are truly fortunate, a revelation as to what the day is intended to mean.

We genuinely hope all our readers have an enjoyable, safe and meaningful Thanksgiving Day. Anything less would hardly be worth observing.