A New Start

Across the globe, people are celebrating the start of a new year. It’s the time of year where hopes are high. Change is in the air.

We’ve compiled our lists of things to improve, shortcomings we hope to address and goals we’d like to finally achieve.

For the Tri-parishes, 2008 holds infinite hope. After all, 2007 continued to pave the way for change and improvement.

With the fall elections, we seated a new governor. Gov.-elect Bobby Jindal’s promise of a better day in Louisiana enticed a record-number of supporters at the polls. In days, he will assume the governor’s job and, hopefully, will hit the ground running. Our continued recovery depends on it.

In Terrebonne Parish, voters opted for “a better way” and elected businessman Michel Claudet parish president. It is our hope Claudet too takes office ready to realize change. Terrebonne has a number of new faces on the council. Later this year, second-in-command Vernon Bourgeois will assume the sheriff slot.

Likewise, Lafourche and St. Mary parishes will welcome new leaders to their councils.

This region and this state have made great strides to re-inventing itself post-2005. But we’ve got a long road ahead … and much of it needs fixing.

Here’s wishing our incoming leaders success, our outgoing leaders best wishes, and hope for a better tomorrow to all. Realizing change will take a lot of hard work, determination and commitment. And it’s going to take all of us keeping our eyes on the prize.

Are you ready for the challenge?