Our View: McDermott departure is sad

An era is going to end in St. Mary Parish’s economy sometime in 2014.

McDermott International has formally announced that it is going to suspend operations at its Morgan City Fabrication Yard – a spot the company has held for decades.

The news is undoubtedly disappointing – no one likes to see a trusted business shut its doors.

But there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, and the people who were employed at the yard do have something to look forward to.

The first reason for optimism is the timing of it all.

Sure, the country’s overall economy is sputtering and slowly trudging forward.

But locally, things are looking up – now and into the future.

With the oil spill in the rearview window, our state’s biggest business is booming again.

Businesses are looking for workers and hundreds of solid jobs are on the market.

McDermott’s workers will have plenty of opportunity to get back to work to get their lives restarted again.

That is the biggest saving grace of this entire situation – those displaced shouldn’t be displaced for long.

It’s also worth noting that McDermott’s departure from the area may only be temporary.

It is worth applauding the company for keeping its lease at its massive yard – a move that allows the company to reserve the right to return if the current business climate changes.

Lastly, our local leaders deserve a little credit in this, as well.

From the earliest moments of the yard’s closure, Morgan City Mayor Boo Grizzaffi and other lawmakers have taken to the presses to emphasize that everything will turn out OK.

Gov. Bobby Jindal also got on the grounds this week to answer questions and to reassure everyone worried that normalcy would return and our area’s workers would find new homes.

Losing business is never good.

But in this particular story, we believe a happy ending will be had.

The timing is sound, work is available and our people will be able to get themselves settled – the biggest concern anytime a situation like this takes place.