T-PT makes it an even four

We know there’s important news going on in the world this week. The death of America’s Public Enemy No. 1, Osama Bin Laden; the threat of the Mississippi River overflowing its banks and causing havoc in its wake and the Saints draft are counted among the top stories.

But, for one issue, please indulge us.

Once a year, newspaper types dress up nice, gather in a hotel ballroom somewhere across the state and applaud our collective effort.

On Saturday, the Louisiana Press Association handed out Newspaper of the Year honors at the 131st annual LPA Convention in Marksville. By now, you’ve deduced the Tri-Parish Times is quite tickled to have been named the state’s top weekly in our division.

In all, 79 newspapers, publications and college/university student newspapers submitted 3,837 entries, stories, page designs, photos and graphics, for consideration.

Our paper was awarded our division’s fourth consecutive editorial sweepstakes award, the big enchilada for newshounds keeping score at home.

It’s a tremendous honor and a reminder that our craft does require a multitude of skill to do well.

It also requires a number of people.

Major kudos are extended to our news team, Eric Besson, Casey Gisclair and Mike Nixon and contributors Howard Castay Jr. and Doug Cheramie. Congratulations are also due to Liz Daigle for layout and design.

And while it’s generally the reporters and top brass who, for better or worse, get the most attention, we’d be amiss if we didn’t include the rest of the Tri-Parish Times team in the celebration.

These are the folks many readers will likely never meet in person, but who help keep this train running on time. This includes Alyson Showalter, Jennie Childs and Derick Romero in the office and, our sales team on the street, Harold Cancienne and Celeste Adams.

Forgive us this week if we seem a bit big headed, but we promise you, all we do is with you, our readers, in mind. We’re looking forward to continuing to improve our product, hone our news skills and to deliver you an informative, reliable newspaper. After all, we’re beginning to like the sound of hearing, “Newspaper of the Year … the Tri-Parish Times.”

In the meantime, we look to you, our partners in this relationship, to join the effort. Know someone you’d like to see featured among our pages? Have a tip on a news story that’s going ignored? Want an outstanding player or team included in our sports coverage?

Whatever is happening in your neighborhood, let us hear from you. The Tri-Parish Times is available online and on Facebook. Our email addresses are listed to the left in the masthead, and a phone line is always available.

With your help and your continued readership, we vow to work just as hard this year to deliver the quality news you’ve come to expect.