The choice is yours

October 15
October 15, 2007
Ruberta LaCoste
October 17, 2007

Louisiana’s outlook changed on Aug. 29, 2005.

Hurricane Katrina was a wake-up call for the thousands of residents who consider south Louisiana home. For years, we’d been told that our coast was disappearing, leaving us vulnerable to massive storms.

In 2005, those massive storms came calling.

And despite years of warnings, many of us were unprepared. Others were shocked to learn just how unprepared.

When Katrina’s sister Rita slammed into the western side of the state, the devastation was equally as jarring. Small towns were literally wiped from the map.

Two years later, south Louisiana continues to rebuild. And in so doing, we are also rethinking the way our state does business.

With Saturday’s election nearing, voters have an unprecedented opportunity to hold politicians to task on continuing to map Louisiana’s future.

Mired in the usual onslaught of “he did this” and “they support that” accusations, voters will be left to decipher the promises, positions and past performances of the contenders. Considering the weight of this weekend’s ballot – everything from governor to state Legislature representatives to local councilmen – it warrants the time required to review each candidate’s platform.

To be a competitor – instead of the nation’s laughing stock in the political realm – Louisiana needs effective leaders who will work stronger and smarter in restoring and protecting our resources, whether at the state or parish level.

Real change, however, begins with you, the voter.

Saturday’s ballot is a long one, that’s for certain. But it is worth the investment of your voice. Now’s the time to determine your priorities, weigh your options and on Saturday, let your voice be heard … vote.