POLL: Will you continue to work from home once the restrictions are lifted?

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May 10, 2020
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We have talked at length about businesses that are currently closed, that can’t wait to be open again, or open at full capacity. But what about the businesses that didn’t close – the ones that swapped to a remote or work from home model?


Rushing Media, the company that owns the paper you are reading, has allowed all of our employees to work from home. We have been a remote team since March 16, the first day children were no longer in classrooms. As we have shared in previous articles, we were lucky in that we had already started the transition to a more remote-work atmosphere back in December 2019.


A recent Forbes article shared that social media giant Facebook has announced their employees can choose to work from home until the end of 2020. Large companies such as Google, Amazon and Slack have also indicated that regular “office work” may not resume.


This also leaves us to wonder what workspaces might look like once we return: temperature checks, barriers between desks, and six feet between everything. Common areas will be things of the past for sure.


Talk to us. What does the future of your job and workplace look like?