Reader: General’s fall was a technological takedown

The Cat and the Lizards
December 26, 2012
Reader: Publicize RSD school letter grades
December 26, 2012

Dear Editor,

Technology takes another so-called player to his doom.

Here is a little info for the 50-year-old and older male cheaters club members, stay away from the computer. You are not savvy enough to send emails to the person you are cheating with and then try and hide it with different tricks that are supposed to cover up your cheating.

Gen. Patreaus had to resign from his position because that younger woman told him what he wanted to hear. That younger woman had him singing like a canary. This may be the line she used: “General, I’m almost finished writing your book, but what I really, really, really (twirling her hair) need is for you to tell me something that we don’t know about you that would surprise us, please?” (Her index fingernail resting on her teeth.)

“You mean something other than I don’t know how to hide my emails or that I’m not man enough to tell my wife I don’t love her anymore?”

To hold a position in central intelligence but can’t hide an affair has me thinking about the safety of our country. Send help now!

Mrs. Patreaus has to write a book telling us all, things about the general that could surprise us. The final chapter in her book starts off, “My new checking account is 07052012. Thanks, your ex-wife.”

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Mike Thomas,

Houma, La.