READER: Lil Wayne kills Emmett Till and received the "Jim Crow Award"

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February 19, 2013
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February 19, 2013

Dear Editor,

In the middle of Black History month, Emmett Till is being lynched, beaten and brutalized, eyes are being gouged out by a “deformed bigot” as critics say of Lil Wayne. His newly released remix with Future says “beat the p**** up like Emmett Till.” This song is released under Epic Records where LA Reid is the chair.

This is a terrible blow to all of the global communities. In 1955, the abduction and murder of 14-year-old Emmitt Till helped ignite the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr., Revs. Ralph Abernathy, Bernard Lafayette Jr. and CT Vivian, the late author James Baldwin and many other civil rights leaders discussed the humiliation and the death of Emmett Till.

I was 10 years old at the time of Emmett Till’s death and all the teachers in my school of all minorities would warn all students not to end up like Emmett Till. This was a fear that we heard for years, echoed from grandpa, grandma, parents, preachers, all over the minority communities including Indians, Latino, Jews, white women, white men, Chinese and others that you could be killed and/or attacked and possibly die for looking or touching white women or violating segregation laws. It even was taught that you should be careful dealing with Black women because they could be sincerely dating white men and the white men who were of law enforcement would kill you. We were even taught not to look in the eyes of the white men, because he would kill you and we should keep our heads bowed down.

These are the skeletons that continue to hunt our souls, and Lil Wayne promotes this garbage to a generation of young people that must take over our society. We must turnover this global world to the young and Lil Wayne is promoting crime, killing and sodomy, which were laws that damage the African-American Communities first. Lil Wayne is the true “Jim Crow of today.” He is the pillar of all the crime that is manifesting in our communities with his Jim Crow rhetoric; he is First Class Segregationist and a true definition of Jim Crow. He should be outlawed, stripped from utilizing public accommodations; we should not drink from water fountains where he drinks. This is a truly sick person.

Art Rocker,

Chairman, Southern Christian Leadership Conference