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May 29, 2019
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Councilman Steve Trosclair recently wrote an Op-Ed piece stating his position that recreation in Terrebonne has been reformed. As a Councilperson, Mr. Trosclair appoints Rec Board members, has oversight of all recreation districts, and confirms appointments and budgetary changes for TPR (which is a separate department in TPCG).

As an elected leader in our community, Mr. Trosclair’s opinion is important. But we respectfully disagree with some of his assertions. Here are some facts to go with his statements.

STATEMENT: “Recreation brings identity to the bayou communities.”

FACT: We have stated numerous times that the bayou communities are different than the densely populated area of North Terrebonne.

STATEMENT: “Our plan jeopardizes bayou facilities and would cause ‘property values to go down.’”

FACT: Our vision leaves the bayou rec boards and budgets intact, not asking for a single penny. Mr. Trosclair’s claim is paranoia and has no basis in truth.

STATEMENT: “There appears to be less than adequate planning to build and pay for the $25 million facility (Bayou Country Sports Park)”.

FACT: The lack of progress at BCSP is what started this conversation. Doing nothing at this point results in the community waiting until 2040-2050 for it to be completed.

STATMENT: “This is the first step toward total parish consolidation of recreation districts.”

FACT: We do not believe there is a “one size fits all” solution for Terrebonne. Once again, this is paranoia.

STATEMENT: “TPCG has done its own recreation reform under the leadership of the current parish president and council.”

FACT: This is true. Parish administration has implemented reforms and we state every time we speak around the Parish. New concussion protocols, safety badges, and a new TPR Director have us in a better place currently than we were previously. However, every single one of these changes has been the result of actions or light shone by citizens, not our government. The council failed to pass and oversite ordinance until citizens came forward with information that left them no choice.

STATEMENT: “Terrebonne has 10 recreation districts.”

FACT: We have 11 recreation districts, Mr. Trosclair … plus TPR.

STATEMENT: “TPCG established a tennis complex.”

FACT: The old Renaissance courts have been leased by TPCG through November of 2020 and controls another 2-year option. So while true, this tennis facility is not permanent, only temporary. The permanent home at BCSP has yet to break ground and, according to a CPA on the Rec 2-3 Board, has no funding until at least 2032.

STATEMENT: “It does not seem right that people in Schriever should decide recreation issues for Broadmoor” and vice versa.

FACT: One of the main reasons Mr. Trosclair states he is against consolidation is this. But the people of Schriever and Broadmoor share the same Junior High (Evergreen) and High School (HLB). Mr. Trosclair, if the kids of Schriever and Broadmoor play on the same school sports teams, are their recreation needs so different? They aren’t. We are the same constituency sharing recreational amenities. One neighbor shouldn’t pay three times the taxes as another for recreation (which is happening now). The people of North Terrebonne should be allowed to vote on a new system and decide for themselves.

Email Exchange with Mr. Trosclair on Rec 1 issue:

STATEMENT: “Just for the record, Rec Dist. 1 does not fall into my council district.”

FACT: Rec 1 has been in his District since 2014.

We aren’t satisfied with the current situation. We want more for the future of Terrebonne. And we will continue to advocate for a better system that serves the governed…not the governors. #RecReform #LetsDoMore •

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