Saadi: Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good book

CRIME BLOTTER: Reported offenses in the Tri-parishes
November 27, 2013
Greatest Hit: ‘Little Shop of Horrors’
December 3, 2013
CRIME BLOTTER: Reported offenses in the Tri-parishes
November 27, 2013
Greatest Hit: ‘Little Shop of Horrors’
December 3, 2013


By Christopher Everette Cenac and Claire Domangue Joller

University Press of Mississippi $69.95

(Less locally.)

Subtitled, “An Unexpected Bayou Country History,” it is everything it suggests. Cenac and Joller, co-authors of Eyes of an Eagle, the docu-novel of Dr. Cenac’s great-grandfather, have once again combined their talents to produce an outstanding history of Terrebonne Parish, this time through an unusual source, his serendipitous discovery of a treasure trove of livestock brands beginning with that of Jean Bourk Jr. in 1822. Each of more than a thousand brands pictured introduces us to the settling of Terrebonne and other areas of western Acadiana by early pioneers. The 400 oversized, glossy pages of text, photos and illustrations in this volume would make a welcomed and treasured gift for all lovers of local history.


By Mitch Albom

Harper $24.99

Albom has a wonderful vision into things heavenly as in his The Five People You Meet in Heaven. The residents of Coldwater, Mich., have begun receiving phone calls from their departed families and friends. Are these calls a hoax or real? Soon, the phenomenon attracts people from around the world to this small town, hoping to hear from their departed. As usual, Albom has readers believing the incredible and finding inspiration in the process.


By Lee Mendelson

IT books $19.99

For everyone who’s ever watched the TV show, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (and who hasn’t?), this is the story of how the show came to be, a beautifully illustrated tribute to the show and Charlie Brown’s creator, Charles M. “Sparky” Schulz. Included is the actual script of the show as well as the musical score of “Christmas time is here.”


By John Grisham

Doubleday $28.95

Grisham’s back, and back where he started in A Time to Kill, set in Canton, Mississippi. Now, three years later, Jake Brignance is challenged by the suicide of a very rich old man who hangs himself after mailing a letter naming Jake as executor of his will. Seems simple enough, except that the will leaves almost all of $24 million to his black housekeeper. This gets the whole town talking and the man’s estranged and disinherited children hiring big city lawyers to contest the will.


By James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Little, Brown $28

Detective Bennett’s life is in imminent danger from the ruthless Mexican strongman, Manuel Perrine who, just released from prison, plans to kill his entire family as well. Although safely ensconced in a witness protection hideaway,

Michael, the one who put Manuel in prison, is soon called to return to find him and put him away.

Legendary TIGER STADIUM: 30 Greatest LSU Games

By Chet Hilburn

Pelican Publishing $19.95 Softcover

Ever wonder just how loud “Death Valley” can be? In 1988 the crowd’s reaction to quarterback Tommy Hodson’s game-winning touchdown pass registered as an earthquake on a nearby seismograph. This and the thrills of 29 other games in the stadium will rekindle memories or acquaint youngsters with the great LSU heritage.

“Livestock Brands and Marks”

“The First Phone Call From Heaven”

“A Charlie Brown Christmas”

“Sycamore Row”


“Legendary Tiger Stadium: The 30 Greatest LSU Football Games”