My Christmas shopping list for this year’s holiday

Nakia Bonvillain
December 22, 2009
Julia Esponge
December 28, 2009

Oh, what a Christmas season for sports fans.

With the NFL season coming to an end, the NBA season just heating up and college bowl games ready to kick off, it looks like Santa has yet again been generous to sports fans this holiday season.

But Santa is probably overloaded, (the big guy is getting pretty old) so I’ve decided to take a little bit of a load off his plate.

Since this is indeed the season for giving, here are a few gifts I, myself, would like to give to some of the prominent local and national sports names this holiday season.

To South Lafourche principal Aubrey Orgeron,

Two giant thumbs up. Orgeron’s hiring of first-year coach Terry Farmer sparked life into the South Lafourche community during the team’s 10-2 season. I would have put Farmer on my list and given him a magic wand prior to the season, but it looks like he’s already got that covered with the magic act he pulled off this season in Galliano.

To former Terrebonne volleyball coach Chip Didier,

A standing ovation. Didier’s coaching career at Ellender Junior High, South Terrebonne, H.L. Bourgeois, Nicholls State and Terrebonne was nothing short of amazing. The coach won more than 700 games combined in high school and college and racked up two state championships in his 23 seasons at the high school level. Didier announced at the start of the season that 2009 would be his last. So, here’s a standing ovation for a tremendous career.

To Hornets fans,

A glass of ice-cold water and Tylenol.

I know it was painful to watch the Hornets be bounced in the first round of last season’s playoffs, do virtually nothing to improve their roster and then start off slow in the early portion of this season. So take two Tylenol and try to be patient. Yes, the team started 3-8 to begin the season. But they’ve played much better basketball of late and with Chris Paul, anything is possible, so your head may stop throbbing soon.

To Les Miles,

A stopwatch. It’s a gift you’d think a coach would already have, but after LSU’s clock management blunders in their Nov. 21 loss at Ole Miss, many Tiger fans have their doubts about whether or not Miles’ clock is always ticking at an accurate beat.

To Tiger Woods,

A body cast. For the first nine and a half years of this decade, Tiger Woods was the king of the sports world. But in the past month, Woods’ admitted indiscretions have forced him to fall from the top of the mountain in the sporting world. Once he hits rock bottom, he will certainly be sore, because that’s a long way down.

To Chris Johnson,

A giant spotlight. The Tennessee Titans halfback has a shot to run for more than 2,000 yards and have one of the best rushing seasons in the history of the NFL. But because he plays on just an average team in a small market, no one pays any attention to him. So, I will give Mr. Johnson a spotlight, so people can actually watch the guy play and be amazed at his athletic ability, because it’s a shame he doesn’t get more publicity than he does.

And finally,

To Saints fans,

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s not because you’ve been naughty and don’t deserve anything. You’ve actually been quite patient in your 43 years as fans. You’re not on my Christmas list this year, because you’ve gotten your gift early and are currently living the dream.

After four decades of mostly bad memories, Santa has given you an unbelievable season and has made you the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl. I’m not going to pretend to be a fortune teller and proclaim the Saints will win the Super Bowl, but regardless of how the season plays out, Santa has no doubt been kind to some of the best and most loyal fans in the NFL.