Huddle Up on the 50 – 5K Run/Walk and Tailgate Cook-Up set for this weekend

Colonel Pride locally has grown in recent years as the Nicholls football team has risen from the bottom of the pack and has emerged as a Southland Conference giant.

On Saturday, some of that pride will be on display in a sun-up to sun-down showcase of love for Nicholls State University.

Huddle Up on the 50 – 5K Run/Walk and Tailgate Cook-Off will take place this Saturday – an all-day event that seeks to celebrate the official beginning of the fall.

The event is in its second year and it’s quickly growing. Proceeds will go to Huddle Up, a booster club group that raises money for Nicholls football.

“We’re so grateful to the community for all of the support we’ve been given,” Nicholls football coach Tim Rebowe said earlier this summer. “When we got here, we knew we had work to do both on and off the field to get people believing again, and we think the people here have been just excellent. So much has been done to help us out and we’re so appreciative of everyone’s support – continued support, at that.”

That support will be on full display throughout Saturday.

The day begins at 8 a.m. with a Cook-Off Competition that will feature three-separate categories: “out da pot,” “out da fryer” and “off da grill.”

Participants will be judged for their work to make the dishes both delicious and visually presentable/creative.

Cooking will go on throughout the day while event goers pass a good time enjoying the summer sun with music, food, games and more.

When the afternoon sun starts to lower off into the western sky, the most active Colonels will get their time to shine.

The event features two-separate races, first a Kids Fun Run at 4 p.m., then a 5K Run/Walk at 5 p.m.

When all of the participants have successfully crossed the finish line, fans will ascend back to John L. Guidry Stadium for a Nicholls football scrimmage, which will end the day.

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Huddle Up was established in 2015 as a way to provide support to Nicholls football. The initial goal of the group was to give former Colonels a chance to reunite and to inspire a sense of pride and tradition into the program.

It has since moved into fundraising and works throughout the year to give financial assistance to Nicholls football.