Local CrossFit team places in Florida fitness competition

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October 1, 2020
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After two days of demanding workouts and unwavering efforts, Houma-based CrossFit HomeBrew’s Scaled 4 Male team placed second in their division at the 2020 Beach Brawl Fall in Pensacola, Fla. last weekend. 

For the competition, which approximately 70 teams participated in, athletes engaged in four grueling events that tested their speed, strength and other attributes. The judges combined the points from all four and then announced the winners. 

Taylor Weaks, co-owner of CrossFit HomeBrew and member of the team that took home the silver, said they finished third at last year’s competition. 

“We were able to train a little bit over the year, get together, work together better and got second,” he said. “It felt really great. Now, we got our eyes set out on goals for next year.” 

CrossFit HomeBrew’s Scaled 4 Male team from left: Ben Labat, Ryan Pinell, Taylor Weaks and John Jaccuzzo.

The huge accomplishment comes after CrossFit HomeBrew, which had three different teams compete in this year’s event, was notified the Beach Brawl was still going to take place just one week before it was scheduled to kick-off, as concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent tropical weather caused the contest to remain in doubt. 

Fortunately, members of the club were able to keep training and stay ready by working out at the CrossFit HomeBrew facility located at 184 Alliance Court in Houma. 

“It’s in an industrial area, but it works really, really well for what we do, having a large warehouse-style workout area. And then it’s just a quiet street back there,” Weaks said of the facility. “So we’re able to do all the running and training that we want to pretty much uninterrupted in a safe area.” 

“It’s a very supportive, encouraging environment,” he added. “I know a lot of people think that CrossFit is extraordinarily strenuous and something that they could never do, but the reality is you could be at any age and honestly in most health conditions and you could benefit one way or another from CrossFit.” 

Having roughly 150 members, CrossFit HomeBrew appeals to the general population and also supports those who wish to compete, Weaks said. He went on to add that anyone interested can start with their Project U Bootcamp program, which has nutrition coaching built into it. He also noted that every class is led by a trained coach that makes sures every workout is done correctly and safely. 

More on CrossFit HomeBrew can be found here. 

“It’s just really great to see people honestly have their lives changed through fitness and health here,” Weaks said, “in a fun supportive way.” 


Photos by Christopher Ellender.