Local softball team was undefeated in USSSA Spring Open Championship!

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Congratulations to the local Farm System Prospects 2012 Premier Softball Team, who recently went undefeated in the USSSA Spring Open Championship!

“We are so incredibly proud of our girls, they worked so hard to get here,” said Head Coach Carrie Authement. “These kids truly have a special bond, like sisters. They have no quit in them, and it is incredible to witness what they can accomplish together.” Coach Authement has been with the team for three years, and coaches alongside Assistant Coaches Lee Tregre, Lee Faist, and Pitching Coach James Spearman. 

The members of the 2012 Premier Softball team were no stranger to challenge during the championship, facing off against some of the best teams on the Gulf Coast— and still out-scoring their opponents 30-6 in bracket play. The young athletes also pulled off a nail- biting run in the semifinals to secure a coveted spot in the championship game. “The stands were packed, and everyone was holding their breath,” said Coach Authement. “It was amazing to watch their triumph.” Some key hitters in these games were Charley Rose Walker, Braelyn Lucas, Kylar Tregre, AK Faist, Brylee Authement, Gracie Grizzaffi, and Paisley Chabaud, as well as a staff of five remarkable pitchers or pitched against more than 70 batters. 

“To develop a top-level team, it takes lots of practice, hard work, and dedication. There isn’t some quick fix or magic pill,” explained Coach Authement. “We begin each practice and game with a prayer and a mantra: ‘if you think you can, you will.’ We have the girls close their eyes and imagine a successful play. They bring their positive attitude with them every time they step on the field, whether for practice, a scrimmage, or a championship tournament. I believe that is what sets them apart from other teams.” 

Coach Authement also discussed the importance of not only working to be excellent athletes, but also helping her students become strong and caring individuals on and off the field. “We talk everyday about self love, body image, and bullying. We want to instill in these girls how to win and lose properly, how to face adversity, and most importantly, how to learn from failure,” Coach Authement said. “I could not be prouder of the upstanding athletes and young ladies they are becoming and I know they are ready to take anything life throws at them.”

Congratulations to the Farm Systems Prospects 2012 Premier Softball team for their outstanding hard work and recent triumph! For more information, please contact (985) 316-3044.