Ingrams transfer to John Curtis

Evan and Wayne Ingram, former members of the H.L. Bourgeois football team, will continue their prep careers at John Curtis High School in River Ridge, Jefferson Parish.

Both were enrolled at John Curtis as of last week.

H.L. Bourgeois coach Randy Boquet confirmed the news via telephone Friday.

The move comes more than three weeks after an unspecified dispute between Boquet and the Ingrams resulted in their initial removal from the team.

For two days in September, rumors also surfaced that Boquet was fired from the program.

Boquet met with school officials in a closed-door meeting the following week and announced to a group of supporters that he would remain on board as the Braves head coach.

The Braves came to an agreement allowing the Ingrams to return to the team to practice, but Boquet never disclosed when they would actually play in a game.

Both are eligible to play this season and started practice with the team Oct. 6, when they were issued uniforms.

Wayne Ingram (tight end) is looking forward to finishing out the remainder of his senior season with traditional powerhouse Curtis. Evan Ingram (quarterback) is a junior that will compete for a starting position over the next two years.

“It feels good,” Wayne Ingram said. &#8220It’s a much better environment. I think I still have a shot to play in college, too.”

When asked if he regretted anything that happened at H.L. Bourgeois, or if he regretted not getting a chance to finish his final year with his senior class and friends, he replied, “No comment.”

Sports Editor Chris Scarnati contributed to this report.