Patriots senior defensive back hospitalized after suffering stroke

A senior football player at Ellender Memorial High School is hospitalized in New Orleans after suffering a stroke.

Senior defensive back Kameron Adkins was with friends yesterday when he blacked out, according to Patriots coach David McCormick.

McCormick told The Times on Thursday afternoon that Adkins was taken to New Orleans for medical testing and doctors found blood clots and that he’d suffered a stroke.

“It was just out of the blue,” McCormick said. “He and his friends were chilling. They were about to grab some pizza and he just blacked out.”

Adkins’ mother posted on social media, asking for prayers, saying that she and her family were “overwhelmed” with the “love and concern” Kameron has received.

She asks that the community continue to pray for the teenager so that he can walk out of the hospital and return to his normal life.

“I ask for your prayers that he has a speedy recovery and he’ll be able to walk out of here without any complications,” she said in her post, which has generated more than 100 shares and more than 400 likes.

McCormick said one of his assistant coaches is related to Adkins and he’s with the family.

The coach said the reports he’s heard today about the senior player have been positive.

McCormick said he will visit the child today after practice.

“He’s responsive now. In fact, they said he wants to play tomorrow,” McCormick said with a laugh. “Right now, they’re just trying to figure out what happened and why someone so young had this happen. They have a team of doctors looking at him and trying to figure it out.”

McCormick said most of his team is aware that Adkins had a medical issue, but added that he will address the issue with them before practice.

McCormick said he wants his team to know that the situation with Adkins shows that the time to make an impact on the community should always start today because sometimes the world can change fast and in unexpected ways.

“We want to let them know how Kam is doing and let them know that things are upbeat,” McCormick said. “But I think this gives us the chance to show our guys that you can’t take anything for granted. You should always take advantage of every, single day you’re given. And we also want them to know to continue to pray for their brother, who we hope to see back with us soon.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re praying for you, Kam! Keep fighting and get well, brother!