Registration now open for Bayou Babe Ruth Baseball

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February 16, 2021
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February 17, 2021

Registration is now open for Bayou Babe Ruth Baseball’s upcoming season.

Learn more below:

We are a Division of Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball. Our league plays during the week in Peltier Park in Thibodaux. We may also play at other parks in Thibodaux depending on the number of kids who sign up. We will start practicing in March & leagues will run probably through sometime in June. We want kids to have several practices with their teams before we start league play. We will also be talking to Babe Ruth Leagues in nearby cities to possible schedule games against their teams (Houma/Pierre Part). They have been playing there for years.

Ages 11-12 & 13-16 will play real baseball with leads & pickoff attempts. We will have a group evaluation of kids to determine experience & positions to enable fair & balanced teams.

Ages 9 & 10 will also be kid pitch but with no leads & pick-offs. We want the kids to learn pitching. We will also hold evaluations to balance teams.

Ages 7 & 8 will be coach pitch. We do not need to use a machine. Coaches will have to actually pitch to batters. This will not be lobbed pitches. This will be to prepare kids for actual kid pitch when they move up.

Ages 5 & 6 coach pitch will also be co-ed. This will be lobbed pitches. If your 5 year old can hit a pitched ball, then you can sign him/her up for this group. Please consider T-Ball if you feel your child is struggling to hit & field with confidence.

Ages 4 & 5 will be tee-ball. We will do co-ed to get kids started & have fun. This will help kids start learning baseball in a fun setting.

We will provide a fun learning experience, with qualified coaches, for those kids & parents looking for something other than the local options we currently have. We have All-Stars after the regular season. All-Stars start at age 8 & may expand to 7 year olds. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Registration is taking place NOW & some ages are filling up quick!

You can learn about Bayou Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken baseball & can register at:

Our Facebook page is updated frequently & can be found at:

Thanks, Kyle Maggio-President