SL7 Down Under – 2 games down, so far, so good!

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March 28, 2017
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March 28, 2017

Hello America,

A quick look at my phone tells me that I am going back in time as I write this column.

What I mean by that is – it’s 7:15 a.m. on Wednesday morning here in lovely Melbourne, Australia. But in the United States, it’s mid-afternoon on Tuesday.

Crazy, right?

Since we last spoke, so much has happened. I warned Casey Gisclair that this column would be a little longer than normal, so please don’t cut me down too much, Case! Please, please, please!

When I last wrote, we were in our preseason, and I was still getting used to calling Australia home.

Since then, we’ve advanced past preseason and into our season. That, and I’m now fully comfortable living in Australia, which is probably the prettiest place I’ve seen in the world in my life!

Our season has started great. We beat a very good Mildura Heat team in our season opener in their gym. From there, we hit the reset button, focused our energy on the second game and then won again this past Saturday against the Camberwell Dragons.

In the first game, I had something like 21 points. In the last, I had 29 points with 9 rebounds and 9 steals.

They tell me that I won the Big V – Blue Carpet Award. I am not fully sure what that means yet (LOL), but I think it’s something like a Player of the Week Award for the people in my league.

My body feels great, which was a little bit of a concern coming here, because it’d been a while since I was officially in a season. But we’re now two games in and that is no longer something that worries me.

On the court, our team is very good, and we’re getting better. I have some awesome, supportive teammates, who I learn from every day.

We play twice this week – on Saturday AND Sunday. I am focused, and I know my teammates and coaches are, as well.


Off the court, I am having a great time.

Many of you know that I train kids in the USA, well guess what? I am doing the same thing here!

You see on the news and read in the media all these stories about how much different life is in other countries. And there is, indeed, an adjustment to being in Australia. But guess what?


The kids here are pretty much the same as the kids I work with in the USA. They work hard. They take pride in what they do. And they loved to be loved. I do my best every day to make sure they are having fun and are smiling. To me, that’s what it’s all about.

When not in the gym, I am likely visiting the GORGEOUS beach that is just outside of where I stay. I love to go there, look at the horizon and listen to the waves. I also like to soak my feet and knees in the cold, salt water! It gives me life and reminds me of how amazing God is! There is such great beauty in the world. Sometimes, we just have to pause, take a deep breath and open our eyes and choose see it.

The calendar in Australia is opposite of that in the USA. You guys are about to get to summer, but we are about to start cooling down.

I packed some winter clothes, but guess what? I’m a woman, so I love to shop!

I see some things at some of the retail stores that just might be coming back to the USA with me, because it looks really nice!


Anyway, that’s about all I have to say right now.

Before I go, I want to again thank Rushing Media for this opportunity, and I also want to thank the great people who have taken the time to wish me well since I’ve been here.

You guys are all THE BEST!


Until next time!

To God Goes the Glory!


You can’t see me. I am hidden in the back! But we just had some awesome kids graduate our youth program. As you can see, they are pumped up!

Sumar Down Under

This beach outside of my place in Australia GIVES ME LIFE!! This is the extreme south Pacific Ocean! 

Life isn’t fun if you can’t laugh at yourself!