Thibodaux team named All-Star Champions Biddy Invitational

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March 1, 2023
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March 1, 2023

Congratulations to the 11 Year Old Boys Thibodaux Biddy Basketball Team, who were named All-Star Champions at the Biddy Invitational in New Orleans this past weekend! The local team went 4-0 in the tournament, and came back from being down 14 points in their last game against the West Bank Wolfpack for the win.

“It has been great watching this win continue to build up the boys’ confidence,” said Thibodaux Biddy head coach Ace Bolden. “We had a lot of players make big shots and everyone played really well. It was definitely a confidence builder for everyone.” This is Coach Bolden’s first season as head coach for the Thibodaux Biddy basketball team, with a season record of 8-0.

“What is great about this team is that we are not just playing the sport, but teaching these boys character lessons and life skills,” said Coach Bolden. “We want them to feel confident in themselves.” Congratulations to everyone on the Thibodaux Biddy basketball team for their big win!