No matter the occasion, Periwinkle is the place

James "Jim" Taylor Folse
October 21, 2008
October 23
October 23, 2008

Nancy and Lindsay Trahan hope to do with the marriage of Periwinkle Pink at the Christmas Place what Reese’s did with chocolate and peanut butter.

Since its opening in September 2006, Houma’s Periwinkle Pink has attracted a loyal following with its boutique-style gift selection and complete bridal registry.

The same customer devotion was apparent at the Christmas Place on Houma’s Main Street.

“The Christmas Place has always been Houma’s ‘must-stop’ location for fabulous Christmas decorations, unique florals and wreaths,” Nancy Trahan said.

When the holiday store went on sale last year, the mother-and-daughter entrepreneurial team inked a deal to buy it. Almost immediately, a plan to merge the two stores and expand the family operation was put into motion.

The final product – Periwinkle Pink at the Christmas Place – opened at 146 Enterprise Drive in Houma earlier this month.

“The outlining plan was to offer a plethora of home décor and gift ideas for all occasions in one location,” Nancy Trahan said. “It’s more convenient for our customers.”

Visitors can expect some changes. For starters, the Christmas trees have been expanded to include a vast selection of whimsical trees, ornaments and holiday decorations for all seasons. Also, the main showroom includes an array of home décor and fun gift items.

There’s also a room dedicated to brides-to-be.

Nancy Trahan said the store’s décor is intended to create a “Wow” factor from the moment customers enter the store.

“We let them see what kind of masterpieces they can produce in their own homes,” she said. “This is all over the top. We go to market shows to see what the hottest items are. This dictates what we buy because all of our trees have a certain theme or season.”

Customers can decorate their own trees or the shop’s designers – Lindsay Trahan and Shannon Bella – are available to do the work for them.

On average, the designers spend one to three hours decorating. Depending on a customer’s preference, Nancy Trahan said the process can include decorating front door surrounds and fireplace mantles.

What customers can continue to expect is the unique gift selection Periwinkle Pink has long been known for. It was Nancy Trahan’s desire to create a “boutique heaven” that first led her to open the shop two years ago.

“Being a boutique shopper during my travels and vacations, I thought a new shop was just what Houma needed,” she said. Nancy and her brother Chris, who is a set designer in Los Angeles, designed the original Periwinkle Pink site.

The choice for the original store’s name – Periwinkle Pink – was inspired by the paint colors in Nancy Trahan’s granddaughter Hannah’s bedroom: periwinkle and pink.

It initially took a little coaxing to convince Lindsay to join forces with her mother, but Nancy said she persisted. Lindsay, who was a student at Louisiana State University at the time, was the only person she felt confident partnering with.

After transferring to Nicholls State University, Lindsay joined her mother at the Houma store.

With the addition of the Christmas Place, the Trahans continue to expand their vision.

Nancy Trahan, co-owner of Periwinkle Pink at the Christmas Place, and store manager Amber Voisin are gearing up for the holiday trifecta: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. * Photo by SOPHIA RUFFIN