TRMC Honor

For the 12th consecutive year running, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center has been recognized for excellence in patient experience.

The Outstanding Patient Experience Award was bestowed by Healthgrades during a celebratory rally of 40+ hospital staff on Friday. With 3,400 eligible hospitals nationwide, 443 received the award, only 17 were in Louisiana: TRMC is the only hospital in Louisiana to receive it every year.

According to Maggie Foley, Director of Quality solutions for Healthgrades and who bestowed the award during the event, Healthgrades is a for-profit organization which seeks to inform patients to find the best physician or hospital for their needs. The company has existed for 12 years.

The CEO, Greg Stock, said that the award was important to the hospital both as proof of patient satisfaction and for recruitment of staff.

"It helps us understand we are doing the right things and we're doing them well - so it's verification," said Stock. And as for recruitment, he said, "It matters to us ... everybody would love to work for a hospital with a better reputation."

According to Foley, each patient upon discharge should be given a questionnaire to fill out. The questions gauge satisfaction with the hospital on 9 criteria: overall rating, recommendation to others, communication with doctors, communication with nurses, responsiveness of staff, communication about medication, cleanliness, quietness, and discharge information.

Emphasis is placed on the first two factors, making up 50% of the score's weight on just the two. The remaining 50% is divided among the other 7.

Per year, stock said that the hospital sees around 140,000 out patients, and 8,000 in patients.

Also during the event, Stock handed out WOW awards to members of the staff. Nancy Miller, a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, received a WOW Award which read, "Nancy Miller was caught in the act of Commitment to Passion."

To receive a WOW award, an employee must be mentioned by name in a survey.

"It's an honor, an absolute honor, to be recognized by your peers," she said. "Every patient deserves respect and to be treated well."

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