First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
June 6, 2019
Should you use a daily aspirin regimen? Learn more about updated guidelines
June 6, 2019
First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
June 6, 2019
Should you use a daily aspirin regimen? Learn more about updated guidelines
June 6, 2019

The Gordon Dove Jr. Foundation held it s 11th annual Bubba Dove Fishing Rodeo this past weekend at the Falgout Canal Marina in Theriot to around 500 eager anglers.

The event celebrates the life and passions of the 23-year-old Gordon “Bubba” Dove Jr. who lost his life after a tragic car accident on Interstate 310 on the morning of March 29, 2009, Contestants sign up for $30 and Competitively fish, Dove Jr.’s favorite past-time, to see who catches the largest one.

Proceeds from the event go to charities.

” For us. it’s about raising money” said Jackie Broussard. Dove Jr.’s sister and Vice President of the foundation.

Notably, more than $32.000 were generated in scholarships this past year: 2 of which are $5,000 each for a Fletcher and a Nieholls student in memory of colleges Dove Jr. took courses at before his passing.

Other recipients included 4 students from Vandebilt Catholic High School. 6 from South Terrebonne High School 1 from Patterson High School, 1 from Franklin High School. 4 from Terrebonne High School. 1 from H. L. Bourgeois. 3 from Ellender Memorial High School, and three from South Central Industrial Association.

Three of Dove Jr.’s sisters — Broussard along with Rachael Oubre, and Angelle Marciante— hart a practiced plan over the weekend to help put onasuccess-fi.il event: first matter of business was the tent’s AC, to escape the summer heat. Then, they tackled moving the trailer’s contents, f 61-lowed by setting up. The process took roughly 3 hours, ending with Jackie hanging a portrait of Dove Jr. fishing.

“He had a 35 Everglades, we still have it, and [his friends] are actually fishing in it” said Broussard. “We bring it down every year for the rodeo.”

At around 1 pm. the first anglers arrived to weigh their catch. Toby Duplantis, and his father Nelson Duplantis arrived with a 4-pound bass. Nelson said it was caught near Jug Lake.

He explained that he used ” Speed Craw” halt and cart it into holes in the vegetation. According to Nelson, the flab stay near the bottom of the water where they can escape the heat.

Both bad a good time.

“Don’t usually go to fishing tournaments but we might start” said Nelson.

By the end of the event Joshua Guidry ha d won t he” Biggest Fish” category with a 84.6lbs Cobia. Of the 7 and under contestants, Noah Cavalier caught a 9-pound. 9-ounce Bull Red And in the 8-12 year olds brackets, Tyler Chenier caught a 26-pound. 3-ounce Bull Red.

Full results for the rodeo are below:


Bull Red

1. Christopher Lake – 33-pounds, 5-ounces

2. Brandon Thibodaux – 30-pounds, 8-ounces

3. Kenneth Robling – 29-pounds, 8-ounces


1. Brandon Thibodaux 50-pounds, 10-ounces

2. Clark Bienvenue – 36-pounds, 1-ounce

3. Blake Pitre -33-pounds, 4-ounces


1. Matt Abraham – 3-pounds, 5-ounces

2. Avery Lirette -3-pounds, 4-ounces

3. Matt Abraham 2-pounds, 9-ounces

3-fish tront string

1. Dwayne Bergeron – 9-pounds, 9-ounces

2. Dwayne Bergeron 8-pounds, 7ounces

3. George McCoy – 8-pounds, 5-ounces

3-fish Redgish string (under 27″)

1. Dwayne Bergeron-24-pounds, 4-ounces

Biggest fish

1. Joshua Guidry – 84-pounds, 6-ounces (Cobia)


1 Myron Lopez – 16-pounds, 7-ounces

Yellowfine Tuna

1. “Team Bubba” -52-pounds, 9-ounces

2. RobCannon -43-pounds, 2-ounces

3. “Team Bubba” -42-pounds, 4-ounces


1. Terry Daigre – 53-pounds, 1ounce

2. “Team Bubba” -30-pounds, 6-ounces

3. Myron Lopez -25-pounds, 2-ounces


1. Gene Songy-19-pounds, 9-ounces

2. William Bordelon -18-pounds 5-ounces

3. Avery Lirette – 17-pounds, 3-ounces


1. “Team Boneman” -43-pounda. 4-ouncea

2. William Bardelon -12-pouuds, 1-ounce

3. “Team Boneman” – 8-pounds, 6-ounces


1. Myron Lopez – 8-pound a. 3-ounces

2. Jimmy Randolph – 4-pounds, 5-ounce s

3. Myron Lopez – 4-pounds. 2-ounces


1. Adam Solet – 4-pounds, 6-ounces

2. Avery Carrere – 4-pounds, 5-ounces

3. Toby Duplantis – 4-pounds, 3-ounces


Redfish (under 27″)

1. Noah Cavalier – 3-pounds. 6-ounces

2. Noah Cavalier – 2-pounds, 3-ounces

Speckled Trout

1. Sye Broussard Jr. – 1-pound, 6-ounces

2. Sye Broussard Jr. – 1-pound. 6-ounces

3. Sye Broussard Jr. – 1-pound. 2-ouneea

Biggest other

L Noah Cavalier – 9-pounds, 9-ounces (Bull Red)

2. Logan Datz – 5-pounds, 3-ounces (Red Snapper)

3. Brady Datz – 4-pounda, 9-ounces (Red Snapper)


Redfish (under 27″)

1. Lexi Thibodeaux – 7-pounds, 1-ounce

2. Gage Cavalier – 5-pounds, 3-ounces

3. A. J. Gill-4-pounda. 9-ounces

Biggest Other

1. Tyler Chewier – 2 6-pounds. 3-ounces (Bull Red)

2. Tagen Chenier – 25-pounds, 3-ounces (Bull Red)

3. Gage Cavalier – 14-pounds. 7-caiucea (Bull Red)