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June 1, 2017
June is a big month for summer safety
June 1, 2017

The marine giant from Cut Off known as Edison Chouest Offshore has been able to find additional work in spite of the oil and gas slowdown.

ECO has announced two deals with oil multinationals spanning across the Americas over the last month-and-a-half. The deals have the local shipbuilder furbishing vessels for work in both the Gulf of Mexico and providing support services in South America.

In April, ECO announced a new 30-month agreement with British Petro leum that will include vessel services, facility uses at Port Fourchon and logistics coordination. The deal extends a working relationship ECO has had with BP for over eight years. Aside from continued use of BP’s Gulf of Mexico Preservation and Maintenance facility in Gray, the agreement also includes a new 312 ft. new generation platform supply vessel. The ship, which will be used to deliver supplies to BP platforms in the Gulf, is currently under construction at Chouest’s shipyard in Houma and is scheduled for delivery in several months, according to a press release announcing the deal. ECO President Gary Chouest said the alliance with BP is a chance to continue the great work the two industry giants have done together.

“We are honored to build upon our many years of operating together in the Gulf of Mexico and worldwide,” said Chouest. “We will continue to work with BP to uphold the superior standard of service and safety culture that both companies have adopted, and is second to none in our industry.”

In South America, Shell Brazil will be receiving support services from an ECO vessel. The five-year contract covers construction, inspection, maintenance and repair services from the M/V Island Enorcer, a 402 ft. subsea installation and construction vessel. The agreement also features a variety of services from Chouest affiliates. This agreement also marks the extension of a working relationship, with ECO having supported Shell Brazil exploration since 2012. ECO Brazil Director Ricardo Chagas said his company’s services are critical at a time when oil and gas companies worldwide are looking for savings during the downturn.

“It’s unparalleled proof of versatility in the subsea market, which translates into cost benefits for our customers, especially valuable in times such as those we now face,” Chagas said.

The main offices at Edison Chouest Offshore in Galliano show a product of one of the most successful businesses in the area. The company recently worked two deals with oil multinationals, which will allow for Chouest to do work in South America. ECO President Gary Chouest said the company is “honored” to sign the deal and keep the company churning.