Cajun Critters to Distribute Meals to Healthcare Workers, First Responders

Cajun Critters, 6240 W. Main St. in Houma, will distribute free plate lunches to first responders and healthcare workers today and Tuesday. 


Participants can drive up to the side of the restaurant and present their credentials to receive their free plate without having to leave their vehicle. 


Lunches are set to be distributed between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. 


Monday’s lunch special includes creole red beans, smoked sausage link, salad and cornbread, and Tuesday’s is chicken stew, corn, potato salad and bread. 


Monday’s 200 meals were purchased by Jason Becnel, owner of Becnel Rental Tools in Houma. 


“Well, I was at home — where are you supposed to be — yesterday morning, and I said, ‘Something has got to be done for these people,’” he said. “They are risking their lives.” 


Blake Hebert, owner of Cajun Critters, gave Becnel a reduced price for the meals, Becnel said. “And the reason I chose Cajun Critters is my daughter; she worked for them all through high school and college…They’ve been good to my family,” he continued. 


Becnel hoped the good gesture would catch on with other people from the community. And it has. 


The owner of Cross Cut Shredders, Rocky Laliberte purchased another 100 Cajun Critters lunch specials to be served on Tuesday. 


Mallard Machine ordered 30 meals this morning for the Council on Aging, Becnel said.  


Benton Bucking purchased 100 lunches from the Shack of Houma for Chabert Medical Center, Becnel also noted. 


“We also want to help all the small restaurants. They’re going to have a tough time getting through this,” he said. “Have a business pick their restaurant, start it off with 10 or 20 and see if people want to add on.”  


“Listen to the Parish and maintain social distancing and stay home,” Becnel added.  “And if you find a way you want to help, pick out a restaurant, order something and donate it. Pass it forward”