Cut Off native has a spirit for giving back

A local Vandebilt Catholic student has a spirit for giving.

In her short life, she’s given thousands of dollars to local children in need.

Cut Off native Melania Angelette created a non-profit in 2016 as a way to generate positive news for her community, while giving help to children in need.

Melania sells wristbands with ‘Together We Got This’ across the front. Since starting the project, she’s sold hundreds of the bands, which has helped generate funds that she donates back to charity.

100 percent of the non-profit’s proceeds go to Children’s Hospital, a benefactor the student chose because she wanted a place that assists local people in their time of need.

Melania made her most recent donation on July 19 of this year, giving back $1,585.86 to the hospital.

She said the idea to take on such a huge endeavor came with support from her parents and siblings, but also motivation from within.

“I felt like I needed to do something to help make our world better,” Melania said when asked why she decided to create the bands. “Seeing all the negative things happening around us made me think of something positive I could do to help.”

Melania is an amazing kid.

She’s the daughter of Cut Off natives Natasha and Paul Angelette. She has two siblings — brothers Parker and Maddox.

Natasha said Melania has always had inner drive and motivation to try and help others, and that starts at home where she’s always looked out for her brothers and family.

Melania is a quality student who stays active taking dance classes and other activities.

To sell the bands, she talked to her parents, then wrote a letter to her father, explaining exactly what she intended to do.

Once the project got green-lighted, she got rolling and she’s sold hundreds of bands and has helped many people in need.


By Casey Gisclair