Local Church Delivering Free Soup to the Sick

With so many suffering from the COVID-19 virus and other diseases in the Bayou Region, anything that can help them get through the day is crucial right now — such as a classic comfort food. 


Living Word Church of Houma is delivering homemade chicken noodle soup to the sick in Houma and its surrounding areas through the “The Soup Troop” program. 


“It’s just a blessing from our church to the people in our community that’s struggling,” said Tina Trosclair, who created the program. “We’re just trying to help people out.” 


When coming up with the idea, Trosclair thought of her 89-year-old mother who has been delivering chicken noodle soup to the sick for many, many years, Trosclair said. “And so I always saw the gratitude that people had because when you’re sick, you don’t want to cook for yourself,” she continued. “A lot of times your family can’t cook for you because maybe they’re not feeling well or maybe they’re busy with work or whatever.”


Originally when the program started about three weeks ago, Trosclair said, it was kept just to church members to make sure operations would run smoothly. Then the service went public two weeks ago. “We’ve delivered several a day, and it’s going well,” Trosclair added.


The volunteers do no-contact deliveries by simply leaving the soup by the door after ringing the bell. They deliver one to two quarts at a time per request. Anyone wishing to request for themselves or a loved one who’s sick can message the Live Word Church’s Facebook page.


“People are super-duper appreciative. We’re getting a lot of emails and texts thank you notes,” Trosclair said. “People are very appreciative that when they’re not feeling well, they can have that — and it’s free of charge.”