Mrs. Torris has done so much for so many in local youth athletics

Sweet Hero
November 1, 2019
Lafourche Booking Log – November 1, 2019
November 2, 2019
Sweet Hero
November 1, 2019
Lafourche Booking Log – November 1, 2019
November 2, 2019

Some may not know the name.

But just about everyone who has played Biddy Basketball or middle school sports over the past 25-30 years will know the face and the smile — the sweet, loving smile of a woman who has become synonymous with local youth sports over most of her adult life.

Her name is Mrs. Lorraine Torris, and she’s a woman who has literally helped children compete in athletes for decades in our community.

Mrs. Torris is the Director of Lockport Biddy Basketball — a job she’s held for several years. She’s also the Athletic Director at Lockport Middle School.

In her career, Mrs. Torris has organized literally hundreds of tournaments and has overseen thousands of games played by tens of thousands of competitors.

She’s one of a kind, and still going strong even as she gets older.

Her passion for fighting the good fight has inspired others in the next generation to continue to do the same.

Several local Biddy Basketball leaders say they love the work Mrs. Torris has done in her career. Some of the local Biddy leaders even played in some of her tournaments as children.

Mrs. Torris is a genuine, good-spirited lady who has never met a stranger.

When she sees you colleagues and old friends in the gym, they’re always met with the same smile and hug. Even though she keeps a super busy schedule, there’s always just enough time in the day to ask folks how they’re doing.

Mrs. Torris loves to organize youth sports events, and she’s put on literally tons of events and tournaments over the years at the old Lockport Middle School Gym (the old junior high).

But she also follows the young men and women as they rise up the ranks and get to high school, as well.

Once, she was seen at E.D. White getting set to root on her beloved Central Lafourche Trojans at a basketball tournament.

But before the Trojans’ game was a South Lafourche game.

Knowing that she had lots of friends from down the bayou, Torris sat and rooted on Big Blue to support her friends.

Mrs. Torris is getting older now, but the love she has for the community is stronger than ever, and it’s mutual, too.

She injured herself last year and had to enter assisted living to rehab her injury to get stronger.

On the day she was released, dozens of students turned out to celebrate, and since getting back into the community, she’s been back at it again — working to help the children of the community have chances to play and compete.