Community welcome to Cover TGMC’s Patients, Staff with Prayer

At 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1 in Terrebonne General Medical Center’s front parking lot, citizens are invited to cover the hospital, staff and patients with prayer. 


“The concept is that sometimes we feel helpless in the community. We know what’s going on and want to help, but there’s only so much you can do. This is an opportunity for us. We can all do this,” said Jaime Gaudet, one of the event’s organizers. “The people that are patients or providers in the hospital, they get tired and they’re missing their family.” 


Attendees are instructed to socially distance and remain in their vehicles during the event, Gaudet said.


“It’s going to be just different members of different churches who will lead us in prayer. We’ll probably have a Facebook watch party,” she continued. “So the people that are in their cars can follow that, or for the people at home that can’t get out.” 


Gaudet also touched on the importance of prayer during challenging times. 


“I think hope, perseverance and perspective are so important. When you get into crisis situations, that’s when anxiety and fear, those things take over,” she said. “When you just immerse yourself in prayer, a lot of those feelings go away and they’re replaced with a peace; they are replaced with a hope.” 


“And group prayer just takes it to the next level because now there’s other people besides me with the same feelings. We’re going through the same things. You’re not isolated,” Gaudet continued. “When we get together and do something together for the benefit of our community, it’s just amazing.”