January 27, 2024

Ducks Unlimited celebrates 87 years of Conservation

Today, DU is the premier organization promoting wetlands conservation. Its work has led to the conservation of more than 18 million acres and counting, thanks to tireless support from generations of DU members, volunteers and partners who are part of the organization's mission to conserve and restore wetlands and other vital habitats for North America's waterfowl.
December 27, 2023

Free Required Bowfishing Permit for Private and Charter Anglers Required Starting January 1

Individuals 18 years of age or older taking, or attempting to take saltwater recreational fish with bowfishing gear in the waters of Louisiana, or engaging in bowfishing activity below the saltwater line will be required to hold this mandatory permit.
December 22, 2023

Migration Alert: Louisiana Habitat Improving, Duck Numbers Up From November

"The December 2023 estimate of ducks in Louisiana's coastal zone and Little River Basin is 853,000. This represents a 46 percent increase from last month's record low estimate of 584,000," said Jason Olszak, Waterfowl Program Leader for Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
December 15, 2023

Louisiana Shrimp Season to Close December 18 in Portions of State Waters

Recent biological sampling conducted by LDWF indicates that the average white shrimp size within large portions of state inside waters is smaller than the minimum possession count allowed by law. A closure is needed to protect the small white shrimp in these waters.
December 10, 2023

LWF Commission Amends Notice of Intent to Modify Red Drum Size and Bag Limits

A one-time public hearing on proposed substantive changes will be held by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries on January 22, 2024.  Interested persons are invited to attend and submit oral comments on the proposed amendments.