Red snapper photo contest under way

Anglers can fish red snapper more this year than they have in years past.

And Garret Graves wants to make sure folks are chronicling the good times they’re having.

In an email, the Louisiana-based United States Representative announced a red snapper photo contest, which Graves said marked a new way for anglers to help secure a permanent solution for “fair access to Gulf red snapper.”

The debate regarding how much snapper should be legal to catch has been ongoing for many years and the season for the sport fish has heavily fluctuated over the past few years.

In 2017, the United States Department of Commerce announced a 39-day expansion of the red snapper season, which has allowed anglers to heavily catch the species. 

Graves said the contest will highlight the success, sustainability and joys of red snapper fishing. 

To enter, anglers should send their best snapper photos to

Red snapper contest