DL Wealth Management keeping up with economy

Local banks get creative to get new customers
April 23, 2013
Houma native set to enjoy the retired life
April 30, 2013
Local banks get creative to get new customers
April 23, 2013
Houma native set to enjoy the retired life
April 30, 2013

Ever since the recession of the past half-decade, the work of a financial planner is much different.

But Toby Lafont and DL Wealth Management are ready for every twist and turn within his industry.

With 16 years experience in financial services, the DL Wealth Management co-founder said he prides himself on keeping up with the trends in the industry – something he feels is important in today’s ever-changing financial climate.

“With Interest rates low, inflation on the horizon and the Feds willing to provide stimulus to avoid another recession, a financial advisor has to take a more proactive and active investment management process than we did just five years ago,” Lafont said. “Since the recession, we are having to spend more time on research and conference calls than we had in the past due to many new investments and investment strategies used for today’s markets.”

Lafont’s career path to DL Wealth Management is one filled with experience in his craft.

The local businessman said he got started out of Nicholls State University (where he graduated in finance and also lettered for three years on the football team) and became a partner with Edward Jones.

Lafont said after six years with Edward Jones, he resigned to create Lafont and Associates – a move that he said occurred in 2003.

Just one year after the new company’s inception, Lafont and Associates formed a partnership with two fellow financial advisors – longtime friends John Dupont and CJ Domangue.

DL Wealth Management was formed.

Lafont said the deal has been beneficial to all parties involved.

“It has proven to be a very successful partnership,” Lafont said. “It’s allowed us to have multiple views on investment advice that we are able to pass on to clients.”

When one says the words “financial advisor” or “wealth management”, the common person may not know the exact services that are provided.

Lafont said that he offers individual retirement planning and wealth management for, “individuals seeking independent and unbiased financial advice.”

Lafont also said he is able to set up and manage business retirement plans like 401K for customers.

But in addition to what Lafont personally specializes in, DL Wealth Management has a pool of employees who all independently serve their customers.

In addition to the three founding members, the business has also welcomed three independent advisors to the team.

DL Wealth Management now houses Nolan Dumas, Chris Domangue and Blake Bergeron – each who provides financial planning to customers.

With six experts in the field, Lafont said DL Wealth Management is blessed because customers have a lot of opinions to choose from.

He said anytime money is involved, having that trust factor with your customers is the most important way to successfully do business.

“As an individual looking for financial planning advice, I would first seek out an advisor that you can trust,” Lafont said. “It doesn’t matter what investments that they use to help you get the objective met – if you don’t trust them, you will not sleep good at night when the markets turn south.”

And in addition to the trust factor, Lafont said he had another piece of advice for any current customer or for those on the fence about seeking out professional help with their finances.

“Start planning now,” he said. “I would tell them to not wait until they are about to retire.”

So if you have a little bit of a nest-egg and are looking for the best way to see it blossom, Lafont and DL Wealth Management may be the best options to consider.

He admits that investment is a tricky game because of how frequently the economy changes in today’s complex world.

But Lafont doesn’t shy away from that challenge – he embraces it.

And when new information or techniques surface within the field, he said he takes pride in being one of the first to learn the ins and outs of how it can better his customers.

“Before we offer it to a client, we want to know everything there is to know about the strategy,” Lafont said. “We always do this before we put it to work for our clients.”

DL Wealth Management agent and co-founder Toby Lafont talks to a client at the business’ Corporate Drive office. Lafont said he and his team work hard to keep up with all of the twists and turns in the economy. Lafont said trust is a major factor in any wealth management business.