Gray-based company readying for expansion

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October 29, 2013
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Dominance continued: SL teams take district titles
October 29, 2013
BREAKING: Coach, girlfriend, 3 others given criminal summons after Destrehan forfeitures
October 30, 2013

Custom Corrugated and Supply has been around for a decade – its earliest roots dating back to 2003.

Now on decade No. 2, the business is thriving and ready to grow.

Store owner Jonathan Scallan said the Gray-based company is providing its customers with the latest and greatest for anyone with metal needs. The owner said they do so, while also offering friendly service and competitive pricing – qualities that are not easy to find in today’s profit-driven climate.

“We’re pretty much trying to provide the best metal products and metal buildings to our customers here,” Scallan said. “We’re trying to make it easy for the people down here to get taken care of. We don’t want you to have to drive to New Orleans or anywhere out of town. People can come here and have everything that they need.”

Custom Corrugated and Supply is a family business.

Scallan said his father-in-law started the company in 2003.

After a few years under the father in law’s ownership, Scallan said he and his wife purchased the business in 2007.

Scallan said he worked in the military for more than a decade and learned a lot about the craft through his service.

“It was an industry that I already knew a lot about,” Scallan said. “So I was very familiar with the industry and already knew a lot about the different types of buildings and everything, so when the opportunity came up, we were happy to purchase the company from my father-in-law.”

So what does the local business do?

That’s a good question. Scallan said Custom Corrugated is equipped to do pretty much everything.

From metal roofing all the way to actual metal buildings themselves, the local store owner boasted that his business takes pride in doing a little bit of everything to service people with metal needs.

“Our main business is manufacturing of metal roofing and buildings,” Scallan said. “With that, we also have all of the different sizes and shapes and everything to give people whatever they might need. All of our buildings are the best, top of the line materials. They are all state-of-the-art in that regard. With the roofing and the buildings, we also have accessories to complement them – the doors, the anchor bolts – really just about anything that you can think of, we have it. And if we don’t have it, we’d be willing to go out of our way to get it for the customer.

“It’s hard to go into any great detail about the products and all of the different things that we offer, because there’s so much out there. We really try and make things easy and we take pride in aiming to take care of the customer.”

With the oil and gas industry thriving locally, more people are making money throughout the Tri-parish area.

That obviously is a good trend for businesses – Custom Corrugated being one of the many benefactors.

Scallan said the upward turn in the economy has been really good for the business, which is looking to use the upswing to promote growth within their business.

“We’re really looking to do some things to grow and expand,” Scallan said.

Scallan said the business is currently undergoing construction to add a showroom where customers will be able to come in and look at tools and accessories.

The business is also accelerating its delivery equipment so it can more easily send material to customers on site in an easy and efficient manner.

“That’s about it,” Scallan said with a laugh after elaborating on the different projects that Custom Corrugated currently have in the works. “That’s the things we’re working on right now. It’s just about our mission to provide the best metal products to our customers here in the fastest time.”

It all comes back to the customers with Scallan.

He said that no matter how much Custom Corrugated may grow, the people will be taken care of.

“We take care of our customers,” Scallan said. “We welcome them in here. They can come straight into my office to talk to me. A lot of times if something needs to be rushed or anything, we do the best that we can to get people what they need as fast as we can. We’ll always be that way. That’s how we started. That’s what we take pride in – helping and assisting our customers.”

A Custom Corrugated and Supply employee poses with custom-built louvers at the store’s Gray location. Custom Corrugated and Supply boasts both top-notch supplies and state-of-the-art materials in the metal works industry.